The City of Oslo’s Climate Agency has engaged SINTEF and TØI to carry out an impact assessment of zero emission building processes in Oslo. The goal of the City of Oslo is that building and construction activities in Oslo shall be zero emission by 2030.

This impact assessment has been initiated to study the consequences of a gradual transition to zero emission implementation of building processes in Oslo. This report considers energy consumption and energy supply at, as well as to/from a building site, cost analyses and market analyses, while assessing various development scenarios.

To what extent zero emission construction machinery and vehicles are available in the local market in and around Oslo is studied, while assessing whether the use of such equipment entails significant disadvantages or additional costs, and how this is expected to develop in the years approaching 2030.

Future scenarios have been established for the development of zero emission concepts for building and construction sites in the years up to 2025 and 2030 to identify how the City of Oslo may effectively facilitate the desired development.