2.7 New appropriations for climate action 2022–2025

An overview is presented below of the proposed additional appropriations to previous and new measures in the 2022 Climate Budget.

Table 2.4 - Operations

Amounts in thousands
125Digital follow-up of climate and environmental requirements2,5002,5002,5002,500
125Mobility manager5001,0001,0001,000
400Monitoring and post-operation of closed municipal landfill sites 1)6,0005,7005,7005,700
542Strengthen the work relating to road transport reduction and public transport accessibility4,0004,0004,0004,000
543Rental of containerised charging solutions for heavy vehicles and rental of temporary space2,0002,0002,000
542Operational consequences and higher prices in new operating contracts, partly to follow up on climate requirements 2)44,40044,40044,40044,400
542The cycling project – increased capacity1,5003,0003,0003,000
761The cycling project – increased capacity1,5003,0003,0003,000
771Support scheme for climate-friendly travel to/from work amongst municipal entities10,000
711Compensate for loss of ticket revenues135,00025,00025,000
711Electrification of public transport services51,00050,00050,000
  • The measure concerns the Grønmo and Rommen landfill sites and includes the implementation of measures to reduce and manage sewage and runoff. At Grønmo, the upgrading of facilities for the extraction of landfill gas is also planned.
  • The increase in the Agency for Urban Environment’s framework of NOK 44.4 million annually in the economic plan will cover higher contract prices for road and winter operations, the operation of new road and lighting facilities and parks and urban spaces. Some of the price rises are due to the imposition of climate and environmental requirements.

Table 2.5 - Investments

Amounts in thousands
542Establishment of zero-emission zone4,00010,00010,00010,000
543Electric vehicle charging – package15,00061,50061,50030,500
308Continue loan scheme for replacing electric cars in Oslo’s districts20,00020,000
590Replacement of zero-emission machinery and vehicles10,00010,00010,0008,500
172Battery containers on zero-emission construction sites2,000
179Power supplies for charging at construction sites4,000
192Provision to cover additional costs for zero-emission vans, heavy vehicles and machinery50,000