Manual for climate budgets as a governance tool

A climate budget is a governance tool to achieve GHG reductions and other climate targets adopted. The climate budget presents measures to reduce emissions and the estimated effect of these measures, and assigns responsibility for their implementation.

2.3 Prepare a climate budget

Draw up the climate budget chapter of the municipal budget. This may include:

• A presentation of the municipality’s climate targets.
• Historical emissions. The Norwegian Environment Agency’s GHG inventory for the municipality.
• A situation description. Which measures have already been started, and estimated emissions reductions for existing climate measures.
• A baseline. How would the emissions develop if no new measures were introduced?
• A measure trajectory. Estimated annual emissions reductions for the budget year and the entire action & economic plan (A&EP) period. This makes it possible to assess the effect of measures against the municipalities’ climate targets.
• Tables of measures. Tables showing existing and proposed climate measures and estimated emissions-reducing effect.
• Description of financing and responsibility for implementing climate measures.